Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

Leading is challenging, what’s even more challenging is getting the department or organization to go into a different direction – a healthy and correct direction. The only way to do this is to be good at strategy and execution. There are a handful of strategic things that you can do strategically to get your company on the right track.

Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

Commit to an Identity

As a leader, you can become a symbolic figure, a model of commitment. You have something powerful to sell: a message about identity and the need to stay with that identity over time. As you demonstrate the courage of those convictions, you develop the influence and impact needed to build an extraordinary company.

Translate the Strategic into the Everyday

It’s important to get your hands in the mud. When you get in there, you can see, sense, and touch the details of everyday activity. You need two kinds of perspectives, nearsighted and farsighted, simultaneously, and you can only develop them this way.

Put your Culture to Work

As a leader, you are infused with your company’s culture. You are a primary champion of emotional commitment. You practice mutual accountability; everyone’s success is important to you. Through teaching and learning, you devote yourself to the cultivation of collective mastery. You do all this in a way that matches the unique cultural attributes of your company, which are grounded in its capabilities system. You don’t act like you come from a remote corner office; you act like you are one with the company’s culture.

Cut costs to Grow Stronger

Your company consistently allocates its resources with an eye toward strategic priorities. As a leader, you do the same with your personal resources, particularly your time and attention. Are you devoting enough to the most critical capabilities and the value proposition they support? Or are you squandering too much time and attention on immediate demands, responding to everybody else’s idea of what is important?

Shape the Future

As a leader, you are one of the first to experience the constant challenge of external change. You can muster the fortitude and humility to recognize when change in yourself is required. You build an extremely capable team, knowing that ultimately the future will depend on developing the next generation of leaders.

Final Thought

Effective strategy and execution will allow you to get things moving in the right manner…

Careful thoughtfulness will help you move beyond the constraints that your organization faces, and build a legacy that leaves years of growth. Living these five acts of leadership can help. They build your confidence, and that of your company, and increase your ability to close the gap between strategy and execution.


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