The Epic Fail of Innovation

INNOVATION — how to create it, how to implement it, how to generate it. But what exactly are referring to when we say INNOVATION? A lot of times when an organization is referring to innovation that aren’t technically referring to anything revolutionary or unique a lot of times they are saying innovation because it sounds more opulent or grandiose.

We’ve seen this a lot of times within our own organizations we’ve seen this done. Tweaks or little incremental adjustments and the company will refer to them as INNOVATIONS. ‘Restructuring’ to better cater to the demands of the market or to re-align our internal effectiveness are often promoted as innovations but are they just a company performing internal improvements?

The problem is Senior Leadership sees and issues and knows something needs to happens but instead of taking the necessary risk, they decide to go the safe route and just implement an improvement when and call it an innovation when nothing less than a full scale innovation will do.

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