Power in the Workplace

I really like this quote from Lord Acton ~ “Power tends to corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power is a unique thing, especially in a workplace environment. Power in the workplace exists even when a business owner sets out to establish a system without any formal hierarchy. Each employee can display expertise in a particular area that will lead to other workers prizing her skills and opinion in that area over others. Essentially when we use power; we’re utilizing our authority to get something.

I don’t believe that power its necessarily a bad thing.  The issue becomes what kind of power a person has and how someone uses that power.  Here are some of the common types of power found in the workplace.  Everyone has power.  Everyone.  There’s value in understanding what kind of power and the best way to use it to accomplish the task that is need.

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What 2 Best Practices Does Every Organization Need

The success of a company hinges largely on your best practices – what are they, how effective are you at performing them regularly.  For some organizations its exceptional client services, or knowledgeable staff; but whatever it is you must be able to differentiate yourselves from the competition through these best practices.  What I want to elucidate on today what qualities need to be in your best practices.

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