Why Being an Approachable, Social Leader is Important

Have you ever thought this, “I love my job but all the people I have to deal with, or if it wasn’t for all these people I have to work with, I’d get some work done around here.”  I interact with so many successful introverts and type A extroverts who feel being approachable or having social interaction is a waste of company time.  However, if a leader doesn’t make an effort to connect with the team on a social level or is approachable there can be significant detriments to your team’s effectiveness.

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Productivity – Emails

Email is notoriously known for derailing our productivity. What if I told you that you could use your email as a tool to stay more productive, rather than letting it be a distraction?  More than likely you’ll tell me that I’m lying to you since the average worker spends 28 percent of their day reading and answering email; according to a 2012 study, by New York City-based management-consulting firm McKinsey and Company.   But if we can keep emails brief and to the point it can help you reclaim some of your time as well as your team’s time. Guy Kawasaki says, “Proper email is a balance between politeness and succinctness.”  Here are 4 ways to achieve email efficiency.

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