Behaviors & Attitudes a Successful Person will Embody

Success in human life has been studied by the thinkers and philosophers for thousands of years.  The most successful people have good habits. Your habits determine, your behavior; everything that you are or that you will ever accomplish will be determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and becoming goal oriented you can become successful and live the life you’ve always wanted

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The Unique and Mysterious Art of Feedback Part II

This week I will be concluding the two part series on feedback.  My specific focus this week will be on “How to Receive Feedback in a Quality Way.”  We all say we want constructive feedback, but sometimes were not equipped to receive it.  Being skilled at receiving feedback can make the process much more comfortable for all parties involved.  Just as we talked about in last week’s blog (Part 1), we know that giving feedback can be incredibly difficult and takes practice.  While we trust that our counterparts are doing their part in learning how to best deliver constructive feedback, learning to receive feedback is a developed skill which also takes practice and can be daunting at times.

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The Unique and Mysterious Art of Feedback

This week I want to begin a two part series on feedback.  Communication impacts a very good amount of our professional lives.  Conversations that are difficult can ultimately help shape our professional lives in a very positive way.  Upon reflection, some of the more challenging conversations I have had, whether personally or professionally, have ended up changing my life for the better.  For the first part of this two part series I want to focus on how to give quality feedback and next week I will elucidate how to receive feedback.

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Motivating People who aren’t Team Players

One of the biggest challenges of a leader is having a direct report who isn’t a team player.  Having a person on your team who doesn’t buy into the vision of the team or the organization can be very frustrating.  In addition, having a person who does just the minimum is even more infuriating.  The easy answer is to just let them go or move them to a different department; but that isn’t the best solution.  We all know how costly it is to terminate an employee and then recruit a replacement.  Also we know that transferring an employee to a different department can set our team back and hinder us from achieving the results we desire; hence the need to know how to deal with individuals who aren’t team players.

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