How to Streamline to Maximize Results

It seems like people everywhere are experiencing an epidemic of being overwhelmed at work. It really is a function of a couple of things. First, the volume of information we now process is greater than ever before. I heard a great quote by David Rock, he stated, “I read somewhere that The Sunday New York Times contains more information than the average 18th century French Nobleman learned in his lifetime now, if only I could remember where I read that…” I think this sums it up pretty nicely; our mind can only take so much.

Also, we are victims to technology. Our phones, tablets, and other tech devices are very good at equipping us to get things done, but they are very effective at distracting us as well. At times they make us less effective at performing the tasks we need to do. In addition, we are prevented from being able to perform deep-thinking skills because our obsessive use of technology uses up what is actually a limited supply of attention each day. For example, a University of London study found that always being connected impacts our IQ, similar to losing a night’s sleep or using marijuana.

I’m not against using technology or devouring information as a learner. As a leader we need to use our phones to get emails and stay one step ahead of our competition.  We also need to be constant learners so we can become the leader we want to be.  However, a great leader knows how to streamline their focus to maximize their results.

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Are You a High Maintenance Manager?

We’ve all had situations in our career where we were victims of an HMM – High Maintenance Manager.  As we become a manager ourselves, we unintentionally can become the very thing we loathe – a High Maintenance Manager.

More times than not a High Maintenance Manager isn’t aware of being an HMM; a lot of times those that are HMM’s, are driven and results oriented leaders who accomplish twice as much as their co-workers.  However being a High Maintenance Manager can stall your career and prevent you from getting to the place you want to go.

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Do You Lead from Distrust?

Among all the attributes of top leaders, trust is an ingredient they all share. Not only are they all highly trusted, but they lead from a position of trust.  You can have a compelling vision, an incredible strategy, and excellent communication skills; however if you are constantly suspicious of your people around you – you will never net the results you want.  Leaders who lead from trust produce the results the organization is looking for time and time again.

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Four Traits a Transformational Leader Needs

I get two questions all the time, “What is transformational leadership?” and the accompanying follow up question is, “How do I become a transformational leader?”  Transformational leaders work in a way far more subtle than their traditional authoritarian counterparts.  Instead of giving orders, it’s a style that leads to positive changes to those who follow.

Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well.

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How can Millennials & the Previous Generation of Leaders Engage with Success

The chasm between the younger generation and older generation is getting larger and larger.  I talk quite frequently to people on the topic of, “How can older generations engage with younger generations, specifically Millennials.”  As one who stands in the middle of these age groupings, I feel I’m probably fairly objective on the subject.

Millenials aren’t that different.  That isn’t to say they don’t come from a different place than previous generations and there aren’t significant differences in their perspective; but when you get down to their core principles they’re essentially the same as the previous groups of leaders.

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